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Swing Time Newsletter — Wednesday AUG 27th 2008

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Lucky 13 Dance Contest     Recent Event Photos     Swing Time! at Centro Asturiano     Gulfport Casino Swing Night

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Hi Everyone...  Just three weekends away is Swing Time's HUGE 8th Anniversary Celebration at Centro Asturiano!  In the meantime, swing with us Wednesdays at the Gulfport Casino!  See the end of this newsletter for an update on the ongoing effort to secure future Swing Time events at the Gulfport Casino.  We'll see you this Wednesday!  --Sam


New photos are up on the Swing Time web site from the last two Gulfport Casino Swing Nights!  In this new photo collection, photographer Gary Hufford is back in action!  So after viewing the photos, please visit Gary's web site and support his continued photography at our dances, by ordering prints of your favorites.


Photos - 8/13/2008 & 8/20/2008 Gulfport Casino Swing Nights

Swing Time! 8th Anniversary Celebration -- PLEASE ENABLE IMAGES IN YOUR EMAIL PROGRAM!

 Swing Time's 
at Centro Asturiano in Tampa
featuring the Dual-Sax Jump Swingin' Blues of...
The Steve Arvey Band!

Friday,  September 12th,  2008

Friday, September 12th, 2008, in the Grand Ballroom of Centro Asturiano in Tampa, is Swing Time's 8th Anniversary Celebration, featuring live & swingin' music by The Steve Arvey Band!  The Celebration includes hours of live music & dancing (9pm-1am), a group swing-dance lesson (8-9pm; no partner needed), anniversary cake, prize giveaways, and a dance contest at intermission with $100 cash first prize!

The Steve Arvey Band is a dual-sax-infused combo that jumps & swings the blues!  Fronted by blues great, Steve Arvey, on vocals and guitar, the band also includes two saxophonists on tenor & baritone sax, plus bass player and drummer.  The band serves up a mix of swingin' originals and covers influenced by musical styles ranging from New Orleans R&B, to 50's & 60's Rock'n'Roll, to Soul, Jazz & Blues.  At their prior Swing Time debut, The Steve Arvey Band gave an incredible performance and was a huge hit with dancers!


Steve Arvey is a master of the blues, whose musical career has spanned over three decades.  He's toured and performed all over the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, at thousands of venues, clubs, events, and festivals.  He's played prestigious blues festivals too numerous to mention, each time beating out hundreds of competing acts to secure a performance spot in the festival's lineup.  In fact, Steve holds the record for the most consecutive appearances -- 7 years in a row -- at the world-renowned Chicago Blues Festival!  A veteran of the Chicago blues scene, Steve has played with musical greats Hubert Sumlin, Eddie Clearwater, Jimmy Rogers, Homesick James, and Honeyboy Edwards, to name just a few.  In fact, Steve's music career started when he was a student at the University of Florida, where his band regularly backed none other than blues legend Bo Diddley!  Steve Arvey has recorded five CDs, his music has received airplay at blues radio stations across the USA, and he maintains a busy touring schedule across three continents!

Swing Time is Florida's Premier Swing Event, held one Friday each month at Centro Asturiano in Tampa.  Centro Asturiano is located at 1913 N. Nebraska Ave., Tampa FL 33602 (at the corner of Palm Ave. & Nebraska Ave. in Ybor City).


Live Music & Dancing w/ The Steve Arvey Band,  9pm-1am
Swing Dance Instruction (no partner needed),  8-9pm
Dance Contest at Intermission -- $100 Cash 1st Prize!

All Ages  &  Smoke-Free
Exciting Social Atmosphere
Fabulous Vintage Grand Ballroom
Huge Floating-Wood Dance Floor
Anniversary Cake
Prize Giveaways
Full Bar

$11 Admission includes Free Lesson; Free Gated Parking

For more info, visit www.SwingTime.info on the web, or click the links below:
[Map & Directions]     [Lesson]     [Contest]     [Band]     [More Info]

PLEASE ENABLE IMAGES IN YOUR EMAIL PROGRAM ...Gulfport Casino Swing Night! Every WED @ Gulfport Casino

EVERY WEDNESDAY in Gulfport (St. Petersburg, FL)

Swing Music & Dancing,  8pm-Midnight
Dance Lesson,  7-8pm  (no partner needed)

Shim Sham,  Dance Jams,  Prizes,  Mixers,  & More!

Beautiful & Historic Waterfront Grand Ballroom
Friendly Social Atmosphere
One of the World's Best Dance Floors!

*  All Ages  *  Smoke-Free  *  Full Bar  *  Free Parking  * 
Admission $7  (includes Free Lesson)

[Map & Directions]     [Lessons]     [More Info]


Last Thursday night, dozens of dancers showed up at Gulfport's City Hall, on short notice, for the tropical-storm-rescheduled City Council meeting, to voice their support for continuing all Swing Time events at the Gulfport Casino.  I'd like to thank each and every one of you who made it that night for your support of these events.  Yes, the meeting was mind-numbingly long -- with lots of discussion of trolleys, chickens, and crosswalks -- and only a few of us made it to the very end.  However, the City Council immediately knew what we were all talking about when we got up and spoke about the swing dances.  The Mayor said they'd heard from a lot of people in support of the swing dances.  Now, what's going to happen is the City's going to chew on it a few days, and await a response from the City Manager, and the City should soon be contacting Swing Time, and we'll take it from there.  So I'll keep you posted.  Thanks again to everyone who has made an effort on behalf of these dances.  Active involvement by dancers is essential for keeping any dance scene thriving.  See you on the dance floor!  --Sam

Click the links below for details on each event

   EVERY WEDNESDAY: Gulfport Casino Swing Night

Sep 12, 2008 (Fri): Swing Time! at Centro Asturiano
                    8TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION !
                    featuring  The Steve Arvey Band
                    Dual-Sax Jump Swingin' Blues!
                    Tickets: $11; purchase at the door

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