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Swing Time Newsletter — Friday APR 8th 2011

Next Wednesday APR 13th is Pretzel Night 2011 at the Gulfport Casino Swing Night!  In honor of that much loved and sometimes reviled swing-dance move, The Pretzel, Swing Time is providing free pretzels for everyone!  (Beer can be purchased at the bar to go with your pretzels.)  Enter the prize drawing to win free passes and free deluxe chocolate-covered pretzels!  Learn a variety of pretzelly moves in the 6-7pm & 7-8pm dance lessons!  (See description below.)  What started as a dance lesson has now gotten way out of hand... come experience the craziness on Wednesday! ...Swing-Dance Lesson 6-7pm (Pretzels Part A) ...Swing-Dance Lesson 7-8pm (Pretzels Part B) ...Swing Music & Dance 8-11pm.  Just $7 includes EVERYTHING and Students Get 2-for-1 Admission! 

In celebration of Pretzel Night 2011, Swing Time is offering an in-depth look at that fun & twisty dance move, the Pretzel!  But wait, there's not just one pretzel, but pretzels come in many varieties....  We'll cover the Men's Pretzel, the Men's Reverse Pretzel, the Ladies Pretzel, the Ladies Reverse Pretzel, and Back-to-Back Switching.  Plus you'll learn everything you need to know to dance those pretzels, including the East-Coast Swing (6-Count) footwork and armwork, good pretzel timing & technique, plus various turns that you can do on their own or as a lead-in/follow-up to the pretzels!  We'll teach one set of pretzelly moves during the 6:00pm lesson and a completely new set of pretzelly moves during the 7:00pm lesson.  You can take either lesson by itself or take both for the most fun!  No prerequisites; no partner is needed. 

Upcoming Bonus Lessons: (6-7pm Wednesdays at the Gulfport Casino Swing Night)
   Apr 13 - Pretzels
   Apr 20 - Shim Sham
   Apr 27 - Dance Jams
   May  4 - West-Coast Swing

Robyn Haynes' photos are now up from recent Swing Time events!  Check them out by visiting the links below.  Support Robyn's continued photography at our events by ordering your favorites:
    4/ 1/2011 CHEAPSKATE'S BALL @ Gulfport Casino
    2/11/2011 Swing Time! w/ BLAIR CARMAN & THE BELLEVIEW BOYS @ Centro Asturiano
    1/14/2011 Swing Time! w/ MITCH WOODS & HIS ROCKET 88's @ Gulfport Casino

Mark Your Calendars!

   EVERY WEDNESDAY: Gulfport Casino Swing Night!

May  6, 2011 (Fri): Swing Time! at the Gulfport Casino Ballroom   (stay tuned for details)
Jul  1, 2011 (Fri): Swing Time! LIVE at the Gulfport Casino Ballroom featuring THE VENTURAS
Aug  5, 2011 (Fri): Swing Time! at the Gulfport Casino Ballroom   (stay tuned for details)
Sep  2, 2011 (Fri): Swing Time! at the Gulfport Casino Ballroom   (stay tuned for details)
Oct  7, 2011 (Fri): Swing Time! at the Gulfport Casino Ballroom   (stay tuned for details)
Nov  4, 2011 (Fri): Swing Time! 1940's USO SWING DANCE at the Gulfport Casino Ballroom

There will be no "First Friday" Swing Time events in June 2011 or December 2011.  Please follow this schedule closely as it's updated in the upcoming weeks and months.  Simple enough... if an event is listed then it's happening; if it's not listed then it's not happening.

Gulfport Casino Swing Night -- Please Enable Images in Your Email program


Wednesday APRIL 13th, the 6pm Bonus Lesson topic is Pretzels
Wednesday APRIL 20th, the 6pm Bonus Lesson topic is Shim Sham
Wednesday APRIL 27th, the 6pm Bonus Lesson topic is Dance Jams
Every Wednesday in MAY 2011, the 6pm Bonus Lesson topic is West-Coast Swing
Bonus Lessons are yours FREE! ...with paid admission to the event.

Bonus Lesson 6-7pm
Swing Dance Lesson 7-8pm
Swing Music & Dance 8-11pm

*  All Ages  *  No Partner Needed  *
Huge Dance Floor -- One of World's Best!
Beautiful Retro-Era Waterfront Dance Hall

Admission $7 (includes 2 Free Lessons!)
Students get 2-for-1 Admission!

Full Bar  ~  Prize Giveaways  ~  Smoke-Free  ~  Free Parking
Celebrate Your Birthday at the Gulfport Casino Swing Night!

The Gulfport Casino is one of the world's best ballrooms, offering up social dance excitement in a picturesque beachfront setting.

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