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Swing Time Newsletter — Friday JUNE 1st 2012

TONIGHT (FRI June 1st)... Teen Swing Dance at the Gulfport Casino Ballroom!  Open to teens ages 13+.

Next WED June 6th, LINDY HOP Lessons start, 6-7pm at the Gulfport Casino Swing Night!  ...followed by Swing Dance Lessons 7-8pm ...then Dance 8-11pm!  Just $7 includes EVERYTHING and Students Get 2-for-1 Admission!

Next FRI June 8th, Swing Time presents... SOCK HOP at the Gulfport Casino Ballroom featuring original rock'n'roll artists, The Impacs!  Back in the day, The Impacs toured coast-to-coast with Dick Clark, playing shows with most every big-name act imaginable.  When famous singers such as Roy Orbison came to the Southeast, The Impacs would be that singer's tour band!  About 20 years ago (and running many years), The Impacs started and headlined the wildly successful U92 Sock Hops at the Coliseum.  Today, The Impacs bring the party to the Gulfport Casino!  They look forward, after the event gets fully established, to once again bringing in and backing up the big-name singers of the 50's & 60's!

Upcoming Bonus Lessons: (6-7pm Wednesdays at the Gulfport Casino Swing Night)
    JUN 2012 - Lindy Hop
    JUL 2012 - Collegiate Shag
    AUG 2012 - Charleston

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