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Swing Time Newsletter — Tuesday JANUARY 20th 2015

Dance this Wednesday JAN 21st at the Gulfport Casino Swing Night!  Learn SHIM SHAM in just 60 minutes in the 6-7pm Bonus Lesson.  Swing Dance Lesson 7-8pm...  Dancing 8-11pm.  Just $8 includes both lessons and the dance and students get $5 admission.  Is your birthday coming up?  Celebrate your birthday at the Gulfport Casino Swing Night.

Next Wednesday JAN 28th is Pretzel Night 2015 at the Gulfport Casino Swing Night!  In honor of that fun & twisty swing-dance move, The Pretzel, Swing Time is providing free pretzels for everyone!  Enter the prize drawing to win free passes and chocolate-covered pretzels.  Learn a variety of pretzelly moves in the 6-7pm & 7-8pm dance lessons, plus the secret to doing these moves well!  ...Swing-Dance Lesson 6-7pm (Pretzels Part A) ...Swing-Dance Lesson 7-8pm (Pretzels Part B) ...Swing Music & Dance 8-11pm.  You can take either lesson by itself or take both to learn everything.  Just $8 includes both lessons and the dance and students get $5 admission.  Is your birthday coming up?  Celebrate your birthday at the Gulfport Casino Swing Night.

West-Coast Swing lessons start Wednesday February 4th at the Gulfport Casino Swing NightFeaturing special guest instructor, John Henning, West-Coast Swing lessons run every Wednesday in February during the 6-7pm Bonus Lesson hour.

In Memory of Nicte Foster

Nicte Foster, a longtime member of our swing-dance community, passed away suddenly last weekend.  A Memorial Service & Potluck will be held this Thursday 1/22 at 6:30pm at the Christian Family Outreach Center, 12749 W Hillsborough Ave in Tampa.  Her family writes: "Please join us in remembering and celebrating the life of our beloved Nicte Foster".  A Memorial Fundraiser Dance & Celebration of Life will be held this Saturday 1/24, 8-10pm, at Dance Forever, 29121 US Hwy 19 N in Clearwater.  The video memory I'm sharing today is from 6 years ago, when Carleene & I challenged a group of our dance students to perform onstage New Year's Eve at the St Petersburg Coliseum...in front of an audience of over a thousand dancers!  To perform, they would have to learn a difficult swing-dance routine in a matter of weeks, while learning to dance the routine's charleston & lindy moves simultaneously.  It was indeed a challenge, and many of our more-experienced dancers dropped out along the way.  But Nicte, despite starting with less experience than the rest of the group, was very determined, and made it all the way through to the final performance.  It's a special experience none of us 10 who performed will ever forget.  Today's newsletter, and this video, are dedicated to Nicte.  —Sam

 BALLROOM FUSION NIGHT — Sunday February 22nd 

Beginning-Level (Ballroom) 6-7pm — Cha Cha
Intermediate-Level (Fusion) 7-8pm — Cha Cha / Lindy Fusion

8-10pm: Ballroom Mix
10-11pm: Fusion Mix...Anything Goes!

All Ages       No Partners Needed       Admission $8 (Students $5)       Door Prizes       Cash Bar

Ballroom Fusion Night returns to the Gulfport Casino Sunday February 22nd!  All social dancers from a diversity of dance scenes, ranging from Swing to Latin/Salsa to Tango to Ballroom to West-Coast to Blues and more, are encouraged to attend and help create this partner-dancing fusion!  Ballroom Fusion Night is social dancing "outside the box", featuring lessons and music for over 30 different partner dances!  We've modernized the ballroom-dance concept, expanding it to include all of today's most popular partner dances, plus exciting new dance music.  Most songs during the evening support multiple dances.

Ballroom Fusion Night is held one Sunday per month at the Gulfport Casino.  Mark your calendar with 2015's Schedule of Ballroom Fusion Nights and Ballroom Fusion Night Lessons.  The Gulfport Casino Ballroom is one of the world's top dance destinations, offering social dance excitement in a picturesque beachfront setting.  It features a rich history, a grand dance floor, a full cash bar, a smoke-free atmosphere, and free parking.  It's located in the St. Petersburg, Florida area at 5500 Shore Blvd. S., Gulfport, FL 33707.

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