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Swing Time Newsletter — Monday DECEMBER 7th 2015

This Wednesday December 9th is the Gulfport Casino Swing NightBalboa Lesson 6-7pm ...Swing Lesson 7-8pm ...Dance 8-11pm.  Just $8 includes both lessons and the dance, and students get $5 admission.  Is your birthday coming up?  Celebrate your birthday at the Gulfport Casino Swing Night.

Balboa Lessons happen every Wednesday in December, 6-7pm, at the Gulfport Casino Swing NightBalboa is currently the top dance craze in the swing-dance world.  Swing Time instructors, Sam & Bri, have traveled the USA the last two years, studying and dancing Balboa at every opportunity.  We're bringing you a brand new set of Balboa lessons in a fun, easy-to-learn format, with plenty of new moves and patterns each week for beginning- to intermediate-level Balboa dancers.  Learn more about Balboa here.

LAST CHANCE THIS WEDNESDAY 12/9Save $4 on tickets to Swingin' the New Year if you buy them in person this Wednesday at the Gulfport Casino Swing Night.  Ticket prices increase to $30 after December 10th.

This Sunday December 13th is Fusion Night at the Gulfport Casino Ballroom.  The night's lessons feature special guest instructor, Debra Kee, teaching Cha Cha and Cha Cha / Swing (East-Coast & West-Coast) Fusion.  Dance 8-11pm to a solid mix of music for all of your favorite dances — West-Coast Swing, Cha Cha, Waltz, Tango, Blues, Rumba, Hustle, Salsa, Bachata, East-Coast Swing, Fusion...you name it...all requests welcome!  Just $8 admission includes both lessons and the dance, students get $5 admission, and all ages are welcome.

Cha Cha 6-7pm
Cha Cha / Swing Fusion 7-8pm
Special Guest Instructor, Debra Kee

Modern Musical Mix — Ballroom/Fusion/Requests

All Ages     No Partners Needed     Admission $8 (Students $5)     Door Prizes     Cash Bar     More Info

DISCOUNT DEADLINE THIS THURSDAY (Dec 10th)Purchase Tickets before midnight Thursday to secure the best seats and save.  Save $3 by purchasing online or save $4 in person at this Wednesday's Gulfport Casino Swing NightTickets are $27 online ($26 at Wednesday's Swing Night) if purchased by December 10th, or $30 after December 10th.


SWING TIME SECTION — We've reserved a central block of 60 of the best seats in the house for Swing Time regulars, and are selling these Wednesdays at the Gulfport Casino Swing Nights, while they last!  Buy one of these tickets and you'll be among friends and fellow dancers, AND you'll save an extra buck by buying in person (currently $26).  Tickets in the Swing Time Section are available exclusively to dancers who attend (and purchase them in person at) prior Swing Time events.

ONLY 6 ALCOVES REMAINFree Alcove SuperSpecial...Save $239!  So far, alcoves have been available for parties of 20-28 people.  After December 10th, any remaining alcoves will be put online, first-come first-serve, for a $99 alcove rental fee plus $28 a ticket (10 ticket minimum; group discount applied).

Swingin' the New Year happens 12/31/2015 at the spectacular St. Petersburg Coliseum.  This Grand New Year's Eve Celebration for All Ages (8th Annual) has become Florida's biggest swing-dance event.  The Celebration features the world-renowned Mitch Woods & His Rocket 88's!  Get ready to jump & boogie, rock & swing!  Get details & purchase tickets at www.NewYearSwing.com.  This year's Swingin' the New Year promises to be the greatest ever...make plans now to join us!

 JAZZ NIGHT — Tampa's Lindy Hop & Balboa Dance 

Saturday December 19th is Jazz Night in Tampa, a dance where you can Lindy Hop or Balboa (or Shag, Charleston, Shim Sham, etc) all night long!  Dance to the best of Big Band and Traditional Jazz, featuring multiple DJs from all across Florida!  Jazz Night includes a Lesson 8-9pm (lesson topic & instructors to be announced), followed by Dancing 9pm-Midnight+.  Doors open 7:45pm and admission is $8 (which includes both the lesson and the dance).  Jazz Night happens at Simone Salsa, 8336 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33615 on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

 Holiday Christmas Dance Party — Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015 

Celebrate the Christmas season at Wednesday December 23rd's Gulfport Casino Swing Night with refreshments, lights & decor, plus we'll mix in the best of swingable holiday music!  The whole City of Gulfport, especially the waterfront/Casino area, will be beautifully decorated for the holidays,... and wait 'til you see the Casino itself, with beautiful lights and festive decor both inside & out.  Join us for this holiday dance celebration!

The Gulfport Casino is one of the world's best ballrooms, offering up social dance excitement in a picturesque beachfront setting

Balboa Dance Lesson 6-7pm
Swing Dance Lesson 7-8pm
Swing Music & Dance 8-11pm
Admission $8 (Students $5)

More Info

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